Saturday 19th August 2017
Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail

Getting to the Sandstone Trail

Preparing to walk on the Sandstone Trail

Preparing to walk on the Sandstone Trail

The Sandstone Trail is easy to reach by car, bus, train or bike — and can be walked in either direction. So you can start from either end, or anywhere in between.


There are lots of official car parks and other parking places along the Sandstone Trail.
Sandstone Trail car parks include those at: Beacon Hill, Frodsham; Barnsbridge Gates, on the ‘switchback road’ in Delamere Forest; Hatchmere picnic area; the Vale Royal District Council car park on the Yeld, Kelsall; Gresty’s Waste, on the A54 at Kelsall; Willington Corner car park, at the junction of Willington Lane and Chapel Lane, Willington; the car park opposite Beeston Castle.

South of Beeston Castle, they include: the Cheshire Workshops car park, at Higher Burwardsley (the front part of the car park only); the National Trust Pool Lane car park, off Goldford Lane, Bickerton; the National Trust car park at the southern end of Larkton Hill; and the Jubilee Park car park at the bottom of Sherrymill Hill, Whitchurch.

Many of the pubs along the Trail have Sandstone Trail Information Boards and car parking for walkers, too. But remember that pub car parks are private and walkers should always ask permission before leaving their car.

Unofficial parking spaces and lay-bys, usually for a few cars only, also exist at various places where the Trail crosses minor roads.

Main locations (from North to South) include: on the Ridgeway, at Alvanley; on Commonside, below Alvanley Cliff; the lay-by below Simmond’s Hill, Manley; on New Pale Road, close to Manley Common; numerous lay-bys alongside the ‘switchback road’, in Delamere Forest; at King’s Gate, Primrosehill Wood, Kelsall; on Tirley Lane, Willington; alongside Willington Lane, Willington; at the junction of Crib Lane and Pudding Lane, Tiverton; at the junction of Moathouse Lane and Stonehouse Lane, Peckforton; off Stonehouse Lane, below Bulkeley Hill; alongside Coppermines Lane, near Rawhead; off Goldford Lane, opposite Bickerton Church; and the lay-by on Bickley Lane, Bickleywood.


There are good rail links to several places along the Sandstone Trail.

Relevant stations include Frodsham at the northern end, Delamere roughly in the middle, and Whitchurch at the southern end of the Trail.

Both Frodsham and Delamere stations have regular services from Chester and Manchester; while Whitchurch station has regular services from Crewe and Shrewsbury.

For train times and passenger information, call the Cheshire Traveline on 0870 608 2608 seven days a week between 8am and 8pm, or email


Regular bus services connect most of the major towns and villages along the Sandstone Trail. For bus times and passenger information, call or email the Cheshire Traveline.

Or get on your bike?

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