Saturday 19th August 2017
Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail

Panoramic Views on the Sandstone Trail

Panoramic views from near Raw Head on the Sandstone Trail

Panoramic views from near Raw Head on the Sandstone Trail

Striking panoramas and broad views are the defining characteristics of Cheshire’s elevated Sandstone Trail. Ever-changing and amazing, these superb Cheshire views are not to be missed.

Cheshire’s central, wooded sandstone ridge cuts roughly north to south across the otherwise flat Cheshire plain. And it’s this sharp contrast between the two that emphasises the ridge’s prominence and helps create the constantly changing panoramas that span the distance from the path that winds along the top of the ridge: the lovely Sandstone Trail. It’s one of the best walks in Cheshire.

The majority of the panoramas look west, across the rich, oak-dotted farmland of the Dee valley towards the pale Welsh hills and the still more distant mountains of Snowdonia. But where the Trail tops the higher summits along the ridge, there are panoramas eastwards, too — across the Cheshire Plain to the high, heather clad moors and tors of the Peak District and the Pennines.

Best Cheshire views?

Walking north to south, from Frodsham to Whitchurch, the best viewpoints and panoramas are those listed below:

Overton Hill, above Frodsham
Scout Rock, Woodhouses hill
Alvanley Cliff
Manley Road, below Simmonds Hill
Pale Heights, above Delamere Forest
Eddisbury Hill
Primrose Hill, near Kelsall
Beside Summertrees tearoom, on Tirley Lane
Top of Sandy Lane, Willington
Above Rock Farm, Willington
Above Wharton’s Lock
Top of Beeston Castle
Pheasant Inn, Higher Burwardsley
Name Rock, Bulkeley Hill
Above Queen’s Parlour, Bickerton hill
Rawhead, Bickerton hill
Chiflik Farm
Kitty’s Stone, Bickerton Hill
Maiden Castle hillfort, Bickerton Hill
Hether Wood, Bickerton Hill
Near Manor Farm, Hampton Heath

Many of these Cheshire viewpoints will hold you spellbound for some time. Especially with binoculars, the best can be watched across a whole morning or afternoon.

Birds and clouds move across the sky, people and cars crawl across the landscape; the light changes, weather moves in from the west, shadows traverse the land. Seen from on high, the everyday world falls into perspective.

And some particular views, like that from the crag-top upper bailey of Beeston Castle are, quite simply, unforgettable.