Saturday 19th August 2017
Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail

Froggy would a-woo’in go!

Mating frogs

Mating frogs

Cheshire’s frogs mated early this year, and I missed them.

Last year they crowded into a local pond close to the Sandstone Ridge for a three day bout of energetic congress (their sexual embrace is called ‘amplexus’!) around 10th March; this year friends reported a perky pondful for a few days around the 3rd while I was busy elsewhere.

Now only the gelatinous masses of frogs’ spawn remain unattended in the water; the frogs have returned to their damp nooks in the surrounding fields and gardens. Some will provide welcome food for herons; but many more will grow into tiny froglets.

So here’s a picture I took last year. Next year I’ll pay more attention.

Frogs, I will get your photos in 2013. Ribbit!

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