Saturday 19th August 2017
Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail

Froggy would a-woo’in go!

Mating frogs

Mating frogs

Cheshire’s frogs mated early this year, and I missed them.

Last year they crowded into a local pond close to the Sandstone Ridge for a three day bout of energetic congress (their sexual embrace is called ‘amplexus’!) around 10th March; this year friends reported a perky pondful for a few days around the 3rd while I was busy elsewhere.

Now only the gelatinous masses of frogs’ spawn remain unattended in the water; the frogs have returned to their damp nooks in the surrounding fields and gardens. Some will provide welcome food for herons; but many more will grow into tiny froglets.

So here’s a picture I took last year. Next year I’ll pay more attention.

Frogs, I will get your photos in 2013. Ribbit!

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Welcome to the Sandstone Trail blog!

Walkers on the Sandstone Trail's highest point

Walkers at Rawhead on the Sandstone Trail's highest point

Welcome to the blog about Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail.

Week by week, we’ll look at all aspects of this lovely lofty walk along Cheshire’s central, wooded sandstone ridge. Everything from favourite stretches and viewpoints along the way to upcoming events, races and challenges, popular places of interest, unusual wildlife, history and tales of the unexpected … But whatever we cover, it’ll never be dull.

Feel free to email me your stories and pictures, too — send them to ‘tony at’. I’ll put the best up here.

So, let’s have fun.

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