Saturday 19th August 2017
Walking Cheshire’s Sandstone Trail

Walking for Health

Walking for health as part of a walking group

Walking for health as part of a walking group

It’s never too late to start walking. Walking is for everyone, from toddlers to mums and dads and the elderly.

It’s safe, free, easy and benefits the whole body. And it can boost your self esteem and help you feel more in control of your life, too.

Physical benefits

Regular walking has huge health benefits. It makes your heart more efficient, helps you lose weight, and boosts strength and stamina. You’ll feel better for it, too.

  • Walking helps protect against heart disease.
  • Walking improves your digestion.
  • Walking strengthens joints and bones.
  • Walking reduces the incidence of back pain.
  • Walking improves your cholesterol profile and helps control insulin levels.
  • Walking strengthens the immune system, reducing the number of coughs and colds
  • Walking makes you leaner and fitter.
  • Walking gives your skin a healthier, younger look.

Emotional benefits

Regular walking makes you feel better. Walking puts the world into perspective and helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s an ideal time to meet up with friends, chat and socialise. And it helps you to sleep better at night, too.

  • Walking helps lift depression by releasing natural endorphins into the brain.
  • Walking relieves anxiety and stress. After even a few minutes walking, you’ll start to feel more relaxed and better able to cope with the stresses of work or home.
  • Walking lifts the spirits. There’s always something new to see, from new people to animals and birds, or the gentle movement of clouds and colours in the landscape.
  • Walking in groups is the ideal way to meet people and socialise. Feeling part of the community not only makes you feel better, but can help you to live a longer and happier life.

Don’t delay: start walking today.

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